This handcraft was born about 200 year ago, in Rari town, Maule región (VII region, Chile). 
The craftsmen and craftswomen weave a lot of small figures, this fabrics are made with tampico (cellulosic fiber) and crin (Horse hair, it from horse's tails).
This craft is famous, because the fibers used are colorful. The craftsmen can only dye white crin, they dye it with aniline, so they get a lot of colors.
In this research, I developed a way to bleach black and brown crin, because the white crin is a limited resource, the horses with white tails are few. 
With this method the craftsmen and craftswomen can have more material that is dyeable.
In this pictures you can see only part of bleaching manual, I designed this with the steps to follow to bleach crin. But this design is in the initial phase.
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