Participante de la exposición "Semana de la madera CORMA 2014" Estación Mapocho
Kudaün, a word that comes from the ethnic Mapuche word ‘to cultivate’, is a bike design that represents the natural language of the wood. Through the visual representations of the wood grain, the design allows you to appreciate the value of mother nature.
This bike is born through the contextual study of bike users in Chile. The bike design resulted from a preference for an environmentally friendly, economic, and comfortable transportation method. However, a bias exists concerning the use of wood as a material to construct bicycles because it is associated with being a fragile material that deteriorates easily and contributes to the indiscriminate deforestation.
Thanks to the results of the study, the main structure of Kudaün is made from two species of wood that are specially cultivated in Chile. The two species of wood are known as ‘Pino Radiata’ and ‘Eucalipto Globulus’. The grains of the bike were made in order to make sure that the bicycle is resistant to the modern roads without the need of suspension. This design brings in generic and common pieces of the bike (like the chair, wheels, handles, fork, etc.), transforming it into a cheap alternative in the market (Approximately 148 dollars), able to be produced with similar capabilities of metal on an industrial level.